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New Delivery Technology

Vasayo’s product is the best thing that has ever hit this market and im super super excited to be a part of it. Liposome bubble delivery technology is really cool and it’s awesome that this new company is bringing microlife products to market.

Liposome Bubble Delivery
Liposome Bubbles

Why consume fillers and additives? Absorb your nutrients more effectively with sprays!

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Members4Life is a Vasayo team based out of Arizona. We work with network marketers all over the country who have been in the game for over 20 years. We’ve learned decades worth of tips and tricks and want to help you become successful too. Your success helps our success which is why working as a team is our number one focus. Vasayo has already proven to be a gamechanger so don’t wait any longer. Come and join us on this life changing journey.

“I’ve been waiting forever for a product that can do this! I can’t wait to get started!” ~ Caleb B.

“I truly feel like this will be the company that changes my life and earns me a sustainable salary!” ~ Oscar M.

“I can’t wait to see how each of the five products work together to enhance my daily performance!” ~ Ted L.

Our Structure and Strategy

In order for a product and its company to truly succeed, it must have both a strong foundation and an impeccable game plan. Vasayo has spent many years developing their game changing technology and likewise has built an unbreakable foundation.

  1. Successful Founders
  2. Clinically Proven Technology
  3. Game Changing Convenience
  4. Teamwork – We Help Each Other Succeed

Whether you’re looking to join a team or use the products yourself, you’re sure to see a life changing difference once you get involved with Vasayo.

Vasayo is one of the most exciting, fastest-growing product companies to ever hit the health and wellness market.

The Vasayo microlife products are revolutionary in their ability to deliver a solution quicker and more affordably than anything before it. With a simple spray, one can achieve a world of possibilities.

Solutions that are included in the microlife products include sleep, energy, neuro, core essentials, and renew. Whether you are looking for overall health, brain health, or simply want to rejuvenate your face and skin. The solutions are delivered in the utmost of clever ways. Our spray bottle is revolutionary in it’s deliver methods.

Gone are the days of pills, welcome the days of sprays.

Vasayo’s microlife products not only work, they are effective in their cost, delivery, size, shape, and virtually every other convenience factor. Some products work, some are convenient, but seldom do you find health and beauty products that work incredibly well and dominate the convenience aspects. Microlife products from Vasayo are absolutely the next generation of health and wellness.

Most of the traditional nutritional supplements you will find are blended with binders, fillers, and so many other unnecessary additives that it can make it hard for the body to absorb. The digestive tract also has a hard time degrading these fillers which causes only a small amount of the nutrients to actually reach the intended cell. For the customers, this means a lot of wasted time and money.

Using the proprietary technology, Advanced Delivery by Vasayo, the nutrients can be successfully delivered using a liposome bubble. This proprietary technology allows the nutrient to be delivered at a much higher rate, causing the delivery method to be much more effective.

Microlife Sleep

Millions of people in this country and around the world have trouble sleeping. Some can fall asleep but have trouble staying asleep. Sleeping pills are habit forming and sometimes physically addictive. Microlife Sleep allows you to naturally fall asleep using healthy ingredients. Experience true sleep.

Microlife Energy

Feeling drowsy or out of energy? Energy drinks are usually filled with dangerous ingredients and tend to give people the jitters. Microlife’s energy will provide you with natural, sustainable, energy that will keep your performance at top ability throughout the day.

Microlife Core Essentials

What more could you ask for? This supplement has everything you need in order to consume your well-balanced essentials. Our modern daily diet is filled with dangerous ingredients. Balance out our meals with this nutritional, essential supplement.

Microlife Neuro

Feeling fuzzy headed? Need a brain power catalyst? This brain-boosting supplement is clinically proven to increase memory, clarity, and cognitive abilities.

Microlife Renew

Our cells are constantly being disrupted and damaged by what we put in our body. It is crucial to take care of our cells in order to achieve optimal health and wellness. Vasayo’s Microlife Renew is perfect for anyone that wants to protect their cells and tissues.

Looking for a career with Vasayo or looking to get started selling on a competitive microlife team? You’ve come to the right place. We have the fastest growing team and can help train you into a top producer!

Vasayo’s Microlife Products

Microlife Sleep

Finally Achieve Blissful Slumber
If you are like most of the people in the country, then you probably have at least a little trouble falling asleep at night. There are dozens of sleeping pills on the shelves but do they really work? Do they keep you asleep? Vasayo’s Microlife Sleep is not only a healthier alternative to chemical medicine, the delivery method and combination of natural sleep aid ingredients has been clinically proven to effectively help people both fall asleep and stay asleep!

Microlife Neuro

A Boost of Brain Power
Your brain controls your entire body. Every thought you have, and every move you make, is controlled by your brain. This is why it is crucial that you take care of your brain with healthy nutrients and a balanced diet. Microlife Neuro combines a near-miraculous blend of neurologically boosting ingredients with a revolutionary delivery method that ensures maximum absorption of the ingredients. Microlife Neuro by Vasayo is the brain power supplement that will truly empower your cognitive function and change your life!

Microlife Energy

Stimulate Your Body & Enhance Your Performance
Gone are the days of coffee and energy drinks. They are expensive and inefficient. The future of energy intake is with oral sprays. Not only does this make the process faster and more convenient, the advanced delivery method ensures that your body takes in all of the energy rather than wasting the majority of it. Vasayo’s Microlife Energy will give you confidence and help you conquer your world throughout the day!

Microlife Core Essentials

Stimulate Your Body & Enhance Your Performance
Gone are the days of coffee and energy drinks. They are expensive and inefficient. The future of energy intake is with oral sprays. Not only does this make the process faster and more convenient, the advanced delivery method ensures that your body takes in all of the energy rather than wasting the majority of it. Vasayo’s Microlife Energy will give you confidence and help you conquer your world throughout the day!

Microlife Renew

Stimulate and Rejuvenate Your Cells Naturally
Our cells are often the most overlooked vital aspect of our health. They are crucial to the health of our bodies and how are skin looks. We spend thousands of dollars on skin products without thinking about the actual nutrition of the cell themselves. Vasayo’s Microlife Renew uses a refreshing blend of rejuvenating ingredients to stimulate your cells and get you feeling young again!

The Science Behind Vasayo

Liposome Bubbles and The Advantages of Liposome Delivery Technology.

Most supplements, whether they are nutritional or not, are diluted with fillers and additives that cause a lack of absorption among the main chemical and/or nutrient. Due to this, everyone is wasting money when they buy vitamins and supplements. However, now there is an answer.

Liposome bubbles were invented as shields to help the nutrient make it all the way into the bloodstream, and thus effectively increasing the amount being absorbed. This Advanced Delivery Technology is Vasayo’s proprietary encapsulation technology and has set to completely revolutionize both the food and health industries.

Although this new delivery technology can only be found in Vasayo’s Microlife products at this time, the technology is sure to be used throughout the food, health, and wellness industries for many years to come.

The Brilliance Behind Liposome Bubbles

Liposome Bubble Advanced Delivery Technology is revolutionary on a number of levels but one way that it is not only genius but extremely unique in the sense that it uses the same chemicals found in the healthy fats we need from olive oils and eggs. Many people have stopped eating eggs due to the cholesterol and other unhealthy factors, but the truth of the matter is that we need certain fats from eggs and oils that we don’t get anywhere else.

By taking Vasayo’s Microlife products, which are protected with Advanced Delivery Technology (made from liposome bubbles), you are consuming the nutrient, healthy fats (a nutrient itself), and nothing else. You won’t consume any additives or fillers. This is revolutionary because not only are we not able to absorb more of the nutrient then ever before, but we are also able to do it in a healthy way.

Liposome bubbles can only be found being used this way in microlife products but most likely will be able to be found in many products and supplements across many difference industries.

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