Liposome Bubbles

Advanced Delivery Technology

Vasayo and Microlife Products

The science behind Vasayo’s Advanced Delivery Technology is revolutionizing the health and wellness industry in supplements and sprays. There are many industries that could benefit from liposome bubble protective layers. The medical industry is the one that stands out as most pills have fillers and additives that would be completely removed with liposome bubbles.

Liposome bubbles are made out of the same nutrients that are found in the healthy fats of olive oils and eggs. Due to the fact that the protective layer in advanced delivery technology is if fact a nutrient itself, the entire supplement that is consumed is nutritious and will be absorbed into the bloodstream effectively.

The ability to increase the effectiveness of the nutrient’s ability to absorb itself into the bloodstream is beyond revolutionary. Many experience professionals in this field have said this technology has set to change the game in almost every industry that deals with consumed goods. Microlife products are the first to feature liposome bubble advanced delivery but Vasayo will most likely include liposome bubbles in future products.

The future of the health and wellness industry, as well as, virtually every other supplement industry, could be altered or improved by liposome bubble protective shields to increase the delivery of nutrients, supplements, and other medicines. Everyone knows that one of the largest problems in today’s medical industry is the amount of additives, fillers, and other unnecessary, unhealthy, and unnatural substances that are found in the food and medicines we consume on a daily basis.

Vasayo’s Microlife products have set to put an end to this waste and revolutionize the way our nutrients are consumed. Not only has Vasayo increased the amount of the nutrient that is absorbed into our bodies, they have also brought to market a better way of consuming the products themselves. Two of Vasayo’s Microlife products come as sprays, and one comes as a spray gel. Imagine taking a quick spray to fall asleep at night, and likewise taking a quick spray for some energy in the morning. The efficiency and convenience is unmatched.

The ability to convert modern supplements and medicines into sprays and spray gels could also change multiple industries, as generations are consistently trying to live more efficiently. The fact that all of Vasayo’s claims are backed up by clinical trials makes all of this even more exciting. To learn more about Vasayo and the opportunities, click the button below.

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