How to Sell Vasayo Products

Best Practices for Selling Vasayo and Microlife Nutritional Products

If you’re looking to earn extra income and be part of the global movement that is literally revolutionizing multiple industries, then you’ve come to the right place. Joining Vasayo is easy, and only takes a few minutes. First, you’ll need to click here.

Then, follow the instructions below to join our team to get started selling as soon as possible. I’ve also included notes at the bottom that will help you convert new prospects into customers or team members!

Remember, there’s more to being successful with Vasayo then just learning how to sell Microlife products. To truly be successful, you want to be selling the Vasayo vision. Microlife nutritional products are outstanding and quite effective but if that’s all you’re selling then all you’ll ever have is customers. You want both customers and a full team in order to be successful selling Vasayo products.


  1. Click the link above to be directed to the enrollment page
  2. Fill out your basic information and select a product package of your choosing (more products = more samples)
  3. Finish the process by setting up your v-wallet account to ensure you get paid!

We offer daily support to anyone who is interested and needs help so be sure and reach out if you need more detailed instructions!

TIP: Selling Microlife Products by Vasayo

The best way to sell Vasayo Microlife products is to create a vision in your own head of how life is better with them, and then illustrate that vision to those around you. Creating an effective vision for selling product is not as easy as it may sound. Many struggle to motivate their team members to work as hard as they. That is why we offer training and support to anyone on our team. We want to ensure you are successful because the more success you have, the more success we’ll have.

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